Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's been a while...

Sometimes life gets in the way of the things that we like to do. I started with my self portrait and then really had the drawing bug. I have been trying to figure out what 'style' I wanted to learn. Do I want to draw things that look realistic - somewhere I have a drawing of a sandwich that makes me hungry. Do I want to draw cartoons? Do I want to emulate the person that first inspired me Suzanne Cabrera or do I want to draw caricatures? I still haven't decided, but I have atleast been drawing. Here are some of the things that I tote around in my sketchbook...

I drew this when I took my son to see Despereaux in the was pretty dark, but I think it is okay...I could be wrong.
Strangely enough - I really like drawing that strange?
Caricature practice - I now find myself looking at everything and everyone trying to figure out the shape their head, eyes, mouth and nose would take in a caricature.

Of all the things that I have drawn so far...I HATE EYES!!!

Compared to some of the extreme talent that I have seen on the blogs I follow (some listed on this blog) - this is amateur, but I really like it.

I think that this one is crap...enough said


suzanne cabrera said...


Yay!!!! So happy to see your work! What are you talking about constructive criticism...I see no need for any type of criticism... What you are doing is fabulous. I love the exercises with hands and feet especially.

I understand what you mean about not knowing what kind of style you're going for. I felt the same way when I started. In fact, I didn't think I had a style at all. However, the more I've drawn, the more a style has emerged...and I think the same will happen for you.

Please continue to post your work! I really enjoy seeing it and I know others will as well.


KMcGstudio said...

Thanks for the compliments. Keep drawing. Life does get in the way sometimes but you just need to keep working and the sketching will get easier. Keep up the good work.