Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day to me!!!

I didn't find out until later that my sweet husband was trying so hard to surprise me on Valentine's Day that he went to Jerry's Artarama twice to try and buy the easel that I wanted. Finally, after he found out that they were out of them, I decided to order one from Blick. It arrived on Wednesday afternoon and is beautiful!!

I have not been able to use it yet since I am working on a smaller painting, but I have some larger canvases that are just waiting to be set up and painted!!

I also bought a leather pencil case for my 120ct Prismacolor Colored Pencils - it is lovely. The elastic was a little tight and it was a bit hard to put all the pencils in but in the long run it is much better than having to tape the sides of the metal tin that they came in so that they don't spill out.


Björnik said...

Belated happy valentine's day Stacey!haha I'm glad that you could relate to the painting I just posted in my blog. I'm so happy for your parents, I wish you and your husband the same.:)

By the way, I love the leather case. I also want one but I only have the 12 color set.:)

crazylady said...

Hello! Do you have any of the Moleskines from ? I know they are looking for them, and I would love to see that blog continue on! :) I'm not part of the group, just a fan!