Saturday, April 4, 2009


I don't know if any of you other ladies out there have what I will call a "girl crush" know - there is a woman out there that you think is so amazing and beautiful that you sort of have a little "girl crush" on her. Well, whether you do or whether you think I am totally nutso - Kat Von D from LA Ink is one of my girl crushes. She is beautiful and extremely talented. This piece came from a photo that I had of Kat from a magazine. I want to add some color to it - I am petrified that I will mess it up though, so I went ahead and scanned it in first. I was also way too intimidated to give her tatoos. I won't say I didn't try - but it looked ridiculous.


suzanne cabrera said...

I can definitely understand this girl crush! She is so cool!

You're smart to scan before adding color/tattoos...I always have the intention to do so, but am lazy about it and regret it later when I've messed up.

I'm really enjoying your style!

Margaret Ann said...

Great sketch...Yep...I have seen her...she is awesome! :)